Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*Updated*~Best Deals Around~


Here are a few of my favorites deals, as I find more I will update during the week.

So far Walgreens seems to be the best place to be this week.


W brand Diapers , Training pants and wipes are buy one get one free. Supposedly there is a new coupon booklet “Infant Care” available at Walgreens that has a $2 off Walgreens Diapers Coupon in it. This is a Walgreens coupon so it will take off $2 for each diaper you buy (not sure of limit.) So if you buy two diapers @ let’s say $8.99 each, Use Infant Care coupon –$4 , then –$8.99 for buy one get one free sale =$4.99 for two diapers!    I heard the coupon booklet is located by the registers or in cosmetics , I am going to make  a trip soon to see if I can find one.  * I also heard there is a peelie on the diapers for $2 off wipes! *

*Update- I went and did this deal a couple times  this week. The peelies are on the wipes and are for $2 off Diapers, BUT for some reason they are only scanning a $1 so be careful and watch your coupons. I could  not find any of the Infant Care Booklets Sad smile BUT still a great deal.


Reach Total Care Floss is $2.99 get $2 Register Reward .There is a $2.00 Coupon out that was in the RP 10/10/10 So pay $.99 get $2 register reward!   I have a ton of these coupons so if anyone needs floss let me know!

*Anyone who is new to Walgreens,  A register Reward is a coupon printed at the register. If a deal is buy something get a $3 register reward you can ONLY buy one and get one register reward per transaction!  You will not be able to buy two of the item and expect two register rewards. Also be careful when paying with a register reward. Walgreens policy is you can not have more coupons then items, so if you have 2 items and have 2 manufacturers coupons for those items you will not be able to use a register reward too , you will have to have what we call a “filler” which is just something cheap so you have enough items.  Another thing you need to know about register rewards….If buying an item that produces a RR you have to be careful while paying with a RR. You can not pay with a register reward if you expect to receive another register reward if the items are from the same company.

Example…if you have a $3 Register Reward that you received for buying Crest Toothpaste  , and there is a  Register Reward deal for Pampers Diapers  you won’t be able to use the Register Reward and get an new one because they are both made by P&G  *

Another example is if you go today an buy the Reach Floss and get a $2 Register Reward , you will not be able to turn around and do the deal again and try to pay with the RR you received earlier…you will NOT get a new Register Reward.


Hamburger Helper $.88
Use $.50 Coupon
HERE (No longer available)

FREE! *My Meijer doubles to a $1*

Ronzoni Pasta  $1.00
Used $1.00 Garden Delight (SS 01/23/11 )


Coffeemate Creamer $1.50

Use $.75 Coupon HERE

$.50 After Coupon is doubled to $1


Daytona 500 Event *Buy 10 participating items receive $3 off instantly at checkout PLUS receive $3 on your next order coupon*

Lots of great deals if you have the right coupons. Check out StockpilingMoms for their awesome match ups!


Nothing to exciting from what I see Sad smile

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