Thursday, February 10, 2011

~CVS–Clearance Diapers~


I haven't had time to post lately but I found a super great deal on diapers at CVS.  I did a few trips this past week and as of yesterday the store still had more diapers, I'm thinking about going back!


1st trip (Can’t find my receipt so going my memory)


(5) CVS brand Diapers Size 3   Clearance $3.32 Each

(1) CVS Brand Diapers Size Newborn Clearance $2.32

(1) Pampers Size 3  Sale $8.99

(1)Huggies Wipes  $3.29

Total: $28.20

Used Coupons:  $5.00/$15.00 Email Coupon

$1.50 Pampers (This was on a box of diapers)

$2.00 Huggies Wipes (CVS Home Mailer)

$.75 Any Huggies Wipes (Printable no longer available)

$10 Extra Care Bucks

Total: $8.95

Paid with $10 Gift Card  *I bought this from WeShop , I only paid $3 for it Smile*

I think I had to pay $2 out of pocket with the tax and all.

Received : $1 Extra Care Bucks for Pampers

Saved: $79!!!!  Roughly since I can’t find my receipt. I should mention the Size three diapers are mega packs  so 60 diapers per pack Smile



2nd Trip


(1)Cincinnati Enquirer $1.75

(2) CVS Brand Newborn Diapers Clearance $2.32 Each

(3) Garnier Herbashine $7.00 Each

Total: $27.39


(3)  $3.00 Herbashine (various insert papers)

(1) $4.00 off $20.00 (CVS Home Mailer)

$10 ExtraCare Bucks

Total: $4.39 plus tax = $5.82

Received: $10 Extra Care Bucks

Saved: $40.81

3rd Trip:



(3) CVS Brand Diapers Size 3  Clearance $3.32

(1) Valentines day card $4.49

(1) Trident $1.29

Total: $15.74

Used Coupons:

$5 Extra Care Bucks

$10 Extra Care Bucks

Total: $.74 Plus Tax: $1.39

Total Saved : $44.91

Saved $164.72  Total !!!   This came at the perfect time . We ran out of size 3 diapers and had moved up to size 4 but Lily is a little to small still so we needed to go back to size 3. GREAT timing!! Oh and the newborn diapers are going to be used for a diaper cake Smile

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