Friday, September 30, 2011

~Walmart Trip~

I needed a new cheap litter pan and figured this would be a great opportunity to use some of my coupons that would give me overage. Unfortunately my big overage items were out of stock but I did get to use some of my coupons expiring tomorrow , and I found invitations to Lily's birthday party Smile 


(4) Febreeze Warmers $2.97 Each

   Used (4) $3.00 Febreeze noticeable warmer (expire today)

(2) Cascade $.97 each

    Used $1.00 Cascade (Expire today)

(1) KY $2.84

    Used $3.00 Any KY (printable no longer available)

(1) Dora invitations $2.84

(1) Litter pan  $3.87

Total $7.05

I really only needed the invitations and litter pan and was trying to use the overage to pay for them, but since they were out of stock of the other items I wanted, the overage really was so small I basically just got all the other stuff free.

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