Saturday, September 3, 2011

~This week’s shopping~

Wowzers!! its been a long time since I got to sit down and type up a post Sad smile I did a lot of shopping this week, Mainstreet Market is having triple coupons again through Monday. I was very proud of myself for being able to get stuff that was already on my list this week, usually I just stock up on stuff I can get cheap or free, but this time I actually had coupons that worked for the tripling  for items on my list . Walgreens had some great deals too.




I have been fighting a cold for  over a week so I was just glancing at the cold and flu section and noticed TONS of clearance! On my first trip I picked up two Walgreens brand Dayquil 20ct capsules on clearance for $1.19 each and to my surprise rang up buy one get one 50% off! So I picked up two for $1.80ish. I made probably two more trips with coupons in hand. I picked up One Nyquil Liquid,one Nyquil Capsules, two Dayquil Capsules. There was coupons in the paper last week for Vicks Products, so after coupons I spent $ 4.75 for all that . That’s cheaper then buying one regular price!


There was also a great deal on soup and Jelly this week.

Campbell’s Chunky Soup is my favorite so I like to stock up when its cheap, regular price is almost $2 a can!

On sale for 2 for $3.00 with in ad coupon , combine with printable coupons HERE

(6) Chunky Chicken Noodle $1.50 each = $9.00

Used $1.50 /4 Printable and $.50/2 printable= $7.00

or $1.16 each

Welch’s Grape Jelly  2 for $3  (they are ringing up $2.99 for the first and a penny for the second so you have to get two for this price.)

Use (2) $.35 Welch’s Coupon from previous weeks inserts= $1.15 each

Mainstreet Market


I was so excited when I heard Mainstreet Market was doing triple coupons already,I am hoping it’s a monthly thing. Sorry I can not tell you where the coupons came from , if you need help I suggest looking at Stockpiling Moms coupon database. (Im in a hurry or I would do it like I normally do)

(2) Banquet Nuggets/ Patties   $3.99 Each

       $.50 Banquet Chicken (on back of box)

Tripled = $2.49 each

(1) Rhodes Dinner Rolls $2.99

        $.75 Rhodes Rolls

Tripled = $.74

(6) Friskies Cans $.45 each

        $.50/6 Friskies

Tripled = $1.20 total

(1) Temptations $1.99

        $.50 Temptations

Tripled = $.49

(4) Nabisco Snacks $1.99 each

       (2) $.75/2 Nabisico Snacks

Tripled =$.86 each

(1) Morningstar Corn Dogs $3.99

        $.75 Morningstar

Tripled = $1.74

(3) Knorr Pasta Sides $1.29 each

          $.75/3 Knorr

Tripled = $.54 each


(1) Snackwells $2.50

        $.75 Snackwells

Tripled = $.25

(1) Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.00

          $.55 Barilla

Tripled = $.35

(1) Franks Red Hot Sauce $1.25

    Forgot to give coupon- would have been free Sad smile

(2) Soft Soap $1.85 each

          $.70 Soft Soap

Tripled =FREE

(1) Hormel Compleats Kids $2.35

           $.55 Hormel Compleats

  Tripled = $.70

(2) Yoplait Kids Yogurt $2.25 each

           $.75/2 Yoplait kids

Tripled = $1.12 each

(1) Danimals $2.75

          $.75 Daniamals

Tripled= $.50

Echrich Smoked Sausage $2.50

            $.55 Echrich

Tripled = $.85

Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookies $2.00

           $.40 Betty Crocker

Tripled = $.80

I spent $24 and saved $65 (I also got a gallon of milk)

I am hoping to go back tonight or tomorrow.

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