Saturday, April 30, 2011

~My trips this week~

I got  a few great deals this week, here are the highlights of my shopping.


I actually went to Walgreens four times in one day…four DIFFERENT Walgreens…I had some appointments this week and with all the storms I wanted to get my shopping out of the way. This really isn’t a big deal anyway as I have at least five different stores all convenient to me.


Trip one

(1) Splenda with Fiber Packets  $2.99

(2) Splenda 3.8 oz box    $2.99 each

(1) Luster Whitening toothpaste  $4.99

(1) Extra Gum $.32

Used Coupons:

(2) $3.00 Off Splenda  (SS 04/17/11)

(1) $2.00 off Splenda with Fiber (HERE)

(1) $5.00 Register Reward from two weeks ago

Total: $ 1.60

Received $4.00 Register Reward from Splenda (Buy 3 get $4 RR)

$4.00 Register Reward from Luster

Saved : $23.97


Trip Two:

(3)Splenda 3.8oz Box  $2.99 each

Used Coupons:

(2) $3.00 Splenda (SS 4-17-11)

(1) $1.00 Splenda (HERE)

Total $1.97

Received : $4.00 Register Reward From Splenda

Saved: $14.50


Trip Three:

(1) Luster Whitening toothpaste $4.99

Used : $4.00 Register Reward from Splenda above

Total: $1.31

Received $4.00 Register Reward from Luster

Saved : $7.00


Trip four:

(2) Folgers Coffee $2.79 each

Used coupons:

(2) $2.00 Folgers Coffee (no longer available)

Total: $1.58

Saved : $7.40


Total Saved at Walgreens this week: $52.87 and have $12 in register rewards left to spend.

Meijer (These deals end Sat 4-30)

Meijer has a few great deals going on.

*Buy a 16lb bag of Cat Chow get a Tidy Cat Litter and a Friskies Party Mix Treats FREE . I used a $2.00 coupon HERE to get all three for $9.49. Saved : $10.98

*Buy three Hormel Kids Compleats get a free gallon of Milk

Buy three use 3 Coupons HERE and one Meijer mealbox coupon HERE   get three Hormel Compleats PLUS gallon of Milk for $.50

Colgate Toothpaste $1

Use Coupon: $.75/1 Colgate  (SS 05/01/11) = FREE!

Edwards Pie Singles  $.99

Use Coupon : $1.00/1 Edwards Single  (SS 04/10/11)= FREE



*Just a note , I started this post on Wednesday and just now getting to finish it Sad smile  Sorry its so late *

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