Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~Hello Again~

It has been awhile since I got to sit down and blog.  I haven't stopped shopping just haven't had time to share it with you all. To be honest I haven't even taken any pictures of my trips lately because my camera battery is dead and I have been to lazy to even charge it. I have made quite a few trips recently, just last week I scored FREE peanut butter and relish from Remke Markets and FREE Totinos Pizza and FREE International Delight Creamers.

Today we went into Kroger and got some great deals.

3- Birdeye SteamFresh Veggies $1.00 each

8- Banquet Meals  $.88 each

2- Four pack Yoplait Kids Yogurt $2.00 each

2-Hunts Ketchup $1.00 each

1- Suave Deodorant $.88

1- Luna Bar  $.99

1- Pillsbury Cake Mix $1.00

1- Kroger Italian Seasoning  $1.19

1- Kroger Bread $1.19

1-Kroger Buns  $1.19

1- Head of Lettuce  $.99

1-Organic Bananas $.85

2- Pencil pouches( for organizing coupons!)  $.97 each

Total before coupons: $26.26

Total after coupons: $16.15

Not the greatest saving ever but the highlights were:

Hunts Ketchup : $.30 after coupon (coupon is on back of some Banquet meals)

Banquet meals for $.38 each after coupon (

Suave Deodorant FREE after coupon from last week or week before insert.

Luna Bar FREE after coupon (no longer available)


I also stopped by Walmart, I really dislike shopping at Walmart , BUT they have recently changed their coupon policy and I have to say I adore it. However the prices are about the same as Krogers.

The new policy allows for overage! They will even open up the drawer and PAY you if your total goes over.

Here are the highlights of my trip.

Similac Formula  $3.84

   Used $5.00 on Any Similac (SS 04/03/11)

      =$1.16 in overage

2- Degree for men Trial Size $.97 each

    Used: $1.00 Degree Mens Deodorant (RP 03/27/11)

       =$.03 in Overage

Secret Trial Size $.97

    Used: $1.00 Secret (P&G Booklet)

       =$.03 Overage

Secret Clinical Strength Trial Size  $2.47

    Used : $3.00 Secret Clinical (P&G Booklet)

       =$.53 Overage

Revlon Emery Boards $1.87

    Used $2.00 Revlon Beauty Tool (Sorry no idea :()

        =$.13 overage

4 Reach Floss $.88 each

    Used $1.00 on Reach Floss (Tearpad)

        =$.12  Overage each

I got a total of $2.39 in overage. I bought some groceries  to absorb the overage, so I pretty much got all this free plus discounted groceries. :)



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