Monday, March 21, 2011

~Walgreens Fun~

I feel like I am cheating on CVS because its been all about Wags the past couple weeks!  I decided to try something different this week and follow a scenario Christie came up with over at Wild For Wags . Normally I would not buy something we do not need or will eventually use, however this week I wanted to just try this out for fun and so far everything has worked exactly how Christie said it would.(And I will donate what I don’t use) I have added a few touches of my own to my transactions but I am pretty much going by what she came up with, check out her scenarios. These do take several trips unless you are willing to hold up lines and make cashiers less thrilled to check you out. I am lucky enough to have at least six different Walgreens that I pass along the week, so its nothing to me to go once a day .

Trip one:


(4) Chex Mix  $1.33 each

(4) Reach Toothbrushes $1.79 each

(1) Plackers Floss $2.00 each

Total : $14.49

Used Coupons:

$.99 Reach in ad coupon takes off $3.20 total

(4) $1.00 Reach toothbrush HERE

$4.00 off 4 Chex Mix,Bugles etc (no longer available Sad smile Sorry this one went so fast I didn’t have time to post it.)

Total after coupons: $3.29

Received :

$4.00 Register Reward  Reach  Monthly Deal  *

Buy (2), get $1 Register Reward
Buy (3), get $2 Register Reward
Buy (4+), get $4 Register Reward

$2.00 Plackers Register Reward

2nd trip:


(4) Chex Mix , Bugles  $1.33 each

(1) Almay Cosmetic $5.94

(1) Method Soap $2.99

(1) Mt Dew  $.99

Total: $15.25

Coupons Used:

$4.00/4 Chex Mix, Bugles ..etc (No longer available)

$2.00 Almay (Walgreens Spring Beauty Booklet)

$4.00 Reach RR from 1st transaction

$2.00 Plackers RR from 1st Transaction

Total: $ 3.90


$5.00 Almay Register Reward 

$2.00 Method Register Reward

Trip Three:


(4) Chex Mix , Bugles  $1.33 Each

(1) Tena Pads $9.99

(2) Calendars  $.25 each Clearance

(2) Snickers Eggs  2 for $1

Total: $16.82

Used Coupons:

$4.00/4 Chex Mix,  Bugles (no longer available)

$2.50 Tena HERE

$1.00 Two Mars Easter Products (Red Plum3-20)

$5 Almay RR from 2nd transaction

$2 Method Transaction

Total: $2.67

Received :

$10 Tena Register Reward


Trip Four:


(1) Cream of Wheat $1.00

(1) Celedrin  $10

(4) Reach Toothbrush  $1.59 each

(1) Reese Cup $.69 ?

Total $18.05

Used Coupons:

$1.00 Cream of Wheat (SS 01/09/11)

$.99 Reach In Ad Coupon Takes off $.60-toothbrush $2.40

(2) $2.00/2 Reach Toothbrushes  (no longer available)

$10 Tena RR from 3rd transaction

Total: $1.56


 $10 Celedrin Register Reward

$4 Reach Monthly Deal Register Reward

*I once again lost my receipt, I have no idea how I do that but I know my total was $1.56 I am just not sure of the Reese cup price because I had to add it at the last minute because my total was in negative (pre-tax)*

I still have one more transaction to do and I will do that one tonight. I have spent more out of pocket then the scenarios at Wild For Wags because I decided to do the Reach for a second time and also had all the Chex Mix but overall I am very pleased so far!

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