Monday, March 21, 2011

~Last Walgreens Trip~

I ran into Walgreens one last time to finish the scenarios I posted earlier. Its harder to break this trip down because we bought some other things instead of sticking to the plan. I had planned on purchasing the other items separately so I could keep totals on my “plan” BUT couldn’t do that after all so here is what we got.

(2) Cottonelle Travel Wipes $1.19 each

(2) Foster Grant Sunglasses  $14.99 each buy one get one free

(1) Almay Make up remover wipes $4.19

(1)Gold bond hand sanitizer moisturizer $.49 Clearance

(1) Tena Pads   $9.99

(1) Huggies refill pack $5.99

Total: $  53.02

- Buy one get one free Sunglasses $14.99

Used Coupons 

$2 Almay Cosmetics (Walgreens Spring Beauty Booklet)

$2.50 Tena Pads HERE

$2.00 Huggies Wipes (Walgreens infant care booklet)

$1.00 Huggies Wipes (Mailed to me)

$10 Celedrin  From 4th trip

Total: $23.00


$10 Tena Register Reward

$5 Almay Register Reward

*I only got the cottonelle because I thought I would get the monthly register reward but that ended yesterday and I didn’t realize it Sad smile If I would have just stuck to my plan my total would have been under $3 but we both needed sunglasses so this was a great deal for us.*

Now I have $19  RR to roll into next week, I could go back more and do the Celedrin and Tena over and over again but truthfully we don’t need either of those.

Thanks again to Wild for Wags got all the great ideas Smile

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