Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kroger Mega Sale and more deals.


I headed over to Kroger last night to finish up my shopping for the month and to grab some mega sale deals. I didn’t do to bad considering I have to buy Iams cat food for my cats , it’s the only kind they like. I was really sad when I got home only to realize the cashier didn’t scan my cat food coupon Sad smile  that was $2.00! However I still did good. I forgot to take a picture so I will just write it out.

Mega Event Items Buy 5 save $5 off

(2) Bailey’s Coffee Creamer $1.99 each

(2) Raisin Bran $3.49 each

(1) Smart Start Cereal $3.49

(1) Frosted Flakes $3.49

(2) Smuckers Jelly $1.99 each

(1) Nabisco Triscuits $2.77

(1) Cascasdian Farms Cereal $2.99

(2) Imagine organic Chicken Broth $2.49

(1) SpeedStick  $2.09

(1) Sara Lee Bread $2.49

(1) Iams Cat Food $17.99

Total: $55.23

Minus $15 for buying 15 mega items

-$1.00 Speed Stick (Smartsource 3-9)

(2)-$1.00 Imagine coupon (on facebook)

-$.50 Sara Lee Bread (Kroger Mailer)

-$.75 Cascadian Farm product (SmartSource 1-5)

-$1.00 Triscuits  (printable?)

(2)-$1.00 Smuckers Jelly (Kellogg’s promotion)

(2)-$1.50 Kellogg Cereal (Kellogg’s promotion)

$1.00/2 Kellogg Cereal (Kellogg's’ promotion)

$1.50/2 Baileys Creamer (Kroger Mailer)

Paid $27.48   Should have been $25.48 if my cat food coupon was scanned!

I also received $3.00 on your next order coupon for buying 4 Kellogg’s Cereal.

I also received $1.00 for buying Triscuits from Checkout 51- More about this later.

And I received $1.00 from Ibotta for buying Cascasian Farms.

PLUS the Kellogg’s Cereal have special codes on them for a new promotion called Great Starts for every three codes get $5.


Other good deals:

Kroger Frozen Fries are part of a special sale along with a few other items. Buy $10 worth get $2 on your next order coupon.

I bought 4 fries at $1.99 and one $2.69. Total of $10.65 and received $2.00 off my next order coupon. Definitely not the best deal ever but I needed fries for the month.

Horizon Organic Macaroni and Cheese $1.00

I bought 6 and used (2) $1.00/3 Coupons HERE

                                =$.67 each

Coffee mate Natural Bliss creamer is on sale for $1.50 each and I had a few different coupons .

I bought five and used (1) $1.50/3 and (2) $.75 coupons. These were Kroger mailer & Kroger printout coupons.


*This post contains my Ibotta referral link.

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