Monday, November 29, 2010

~My Kroger Mega Event Trip~

Kroger is doing the Mega Event again this week. *Buy 10 participating items get $5 off instantly at checkout.* I didn’t see anything to exiting except I had  some free coupons which made a really great trip.Here is what I got.   *Mega Event*Only things in Mega Event are pictured.Coupons are doubled up to a dollar.



Kroger Instant Potatoes $3.09

Kroger Granola Cereal $2.00

(2)Quaker Granola Bars $1.99 each

Kroger Granola Bars $1.99

Big K Pop   $1.99

Kroger Little Meals $1.50

Kroger Club Crackers $ 2.29

Kroger Turkey  Bacon $2.49

Kroger Eggs $1.39

Kroger Buns $1.29

Kroger Hoagie Buns $1.59

Kroger Egg Whites $1.69

Listerine pocket packs $1.75

       Used Coupon $.50 on one=$.75

Gerber Apple Wagon wheels Snacks $2.35

Gerber Veggie Crunchy Snack  $2.35

       Used Coupon $.55 on two= $3.65 for Two

(4) Scope Mouthwash  $2.99 Each

       Used  4 Coupons $2.00 =$.99 Each

*Mega Event*

(2) Moms Natural Cereal $1.49 Each

      Used 2 Coupons $.75 =$.49 Each

(2) Healthy Choice Meals $2.18 Each

      Used Coupon Buy one get one free =$2.18 for two

(4) Barilla Pasta $1.99 Each

      Used 1 Coupons $1.00 = 1 @ $.99 each

      Used 1 FREE Coupon = 1 @ Free

      Used Buy One get one free=2 for $1.99

(1) Wolf Chili $1.25

      Used FREE Coupon= FREE

(1) Sara Lee Bread $1.49

*Five dollars deducted at checkout*

My total Before Coupons: $62.34

Total After Coupons: $34.18

The cashier put in the full value of the coupons so I actually made some money on some items. I also accidently gave him one to many Barilla coupons but it went through.


Mega Event Breakdown after coupons and after mega event savings:

Mom’s Natural Cereal =  two FREE

Healthy Choice Meals= Two for $1.18

Barilla Pasta=four for $.98 !!

Wolf Chili =Made $.75 on this!





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