Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meijer Shopping


I have three cats..three cats who are very picky and eat a lot. If I see a decent deal I usually try to buy a months worth of cat food at a time because I know I will need it. So this week at Meijer they have a special on Purina Pet items.


If you combine this sale with coupons and mperks rewards you can get some amazing deals on pet food.

My cats will only eat Friskies wet food, well they will eat anything but most of the time anything else will get thrown up…So here is how I got the pet stuff I needed for the month .


49 cans of Friskies $.45 each

1 Tidy Cat Cat food $12.99

Total: $35.04


(2) $1.00/24 cans Friskies Cat food (Smartsource 3-23)

(1) $1.00 Tidy Cat Litter (Red Plum 1-26)

Total Paid: $32.04

Received $7 on your next order coupon

and $6 mperk reward for buying $25 of pet items


*I swear I bought 51 cans but there are only 49 on the receipt so guess I counted wrong . Oh and going through uscan with 50 cans of cat food is fun Smile


I also picked up some other things while there.


Meijer had a two day sale yesterday and today. I planned on posting this yesterday but I ended up watching my niece and had no time. They also have a special Mperk available to clip $5 off when you spend $50 , $10 when you spend $100 ..etc. I did the cat food and this all in one order so I received $5 off.

1 Tomatoes $1.00

1 Meijer Orange Juice $2.50

(2) Tyson Chicken $5.78 buy one get one free

(2)Flip Chocolate pretzels $1.79 buy one get one free

1 El Monterey Breakfast Burrito $1.00

1 El Monterey Burrito pack $3.39

1 Egglands Eggs $2.59

Total: $18.05


$1.00 Tomatoes Mperk

$1.00 Refrigerated juice Meijer Coupon

$1.00 El Monterey Breakfast Burrito – no longer available

$1.00 El Monterey  family pack Mperk

$5 Special Mperk for two day sale

$8 Mperk reward I had from last month.

Total paid: $1.05!

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